The Essex lot are back and this time they're in the party isle of Ibiza! Cue lots of bronzed torsos (drool) and… a ball bag? Yep, that'd be Bobby's latest beachwear fashion. Mario's back, but it isn't all smiles on his return, plus some relationships are sinking faster than the Titanic… or a flashy yacht on the Mediterranean.

Elliott and Chloe were in lover's paradise, that is until word got around that Mario's arrived with Charlie. El was irate at Mario's suggestion he take his girlfriend out for drinks, so told Chloe she isn't allowed to be friends with him anymore. Possessive, much? El eventually calmed down and agreed to a lunch, which went surprisingly smoothly. Mario later told Elliott he's genuinely pleased to see him and Chloe happy together. Hmmm. How long will this truce last?

Danni confided in Chloe that James had been an awful boyfriend over the past two months before explaining how she miscarried their baby and how hLockie left her in hospital and went to work! Lockie knows he did wrong so went to Bobby, patron saint of advice, who told him he needs to show Danni how much he cares or it's "game over" for their relationship.

Things were explosive between Lauren and Lewis, as Vas told his BFF how Lew cheated on her all summer! Newbie George arrived on the scene and told her old mate Georgia how she kissed Lew in Marbs (though thought he was single at the time). Lew eventually admitted to everything, but called Popey old in the process. Pops responded by labelling Lewis "an immature t***". By TOWIE terms, it was a pretty smooth break-up.

New guy Tommy made quite the impression on Georgia, and who can blame her eh, after seeing the Mallett Skank in full effect? But it seems Dan may still have a bit of a crush on her after he ‘accidentally' sent her a naked picture (oh, that old chestnut) which featured his ‘elephant trunk', as Lydia so kindly referred to it. So it was of no surprise that Dan seemed jealous when he heard about G and Tommy. He advised her "as a friend" to stay away from Tommy because he didn't want to see her get hurt. Aww!

Elsewhere Arg and Lydia seemed the picture-perfect couple and why wouldn't they be, with Arg's "magnetism"? Lyds was just happy he got as far as the airport after his last incident (#PrayForArg). Oh, and Chloe and Ferne STILL aren't friends. Oh TOWIE, some things just never change.

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