Ibiza Part 2

Lewis has well and truly put Lauren behind him but has found himself caught up in another relationship drama. Meanwhile, things got serious with Tommy and Georgia and the Ferne/Chloe saga has taken a turn for the worse… again!

A holiday romance blossomed between Tom and George, but is she still caught up on Lewis? She told Tom she liked him, but Lew brought the Black and Gold party to a standstill when he confronted George for showing up in his room saying how confused she felt. Poor Tom looked bewildered while Lewis and George tore chunks out of each other. George defended herself by saying she just wanted to be Lew's friend. "I cheated on my girlfriend with you… how are we friends?" Woah, way to put it bluntly Lewis! George shrugged off Lew's behaviour as jealousy, but doth the lady protest too much?

After telling Dan to keep his nose out of his and Georgia's relationship, Tommy was committed to making himself a one-woman man with a cool fist bump sealing the deal. Perhaps if they'd pinkie-promised, Tommy wouldn't have broken rule number two (no rudeness in public, FYI) within five minutes of arriving at the party. Hmm the future isn't looking too bright for ol' G&T…

The Ferne/ Chloe feud reignited as Mario got closer to Chloe and Elliott and Ferne felt well and truly left out in the cold (which was a mild 26 degrees in Ibiza). Jess even got involved and found herself up against her cousin at the party, as Ferne confronted Elliott for stirring things with her and Chloe and making the situation worse. In the end, Ferne promised to patch things up with Chloe, but as Elliott warned, actions speak louder than words.

Elsewhere, Lockie and Danni didn't exactly get to the root of their issues, but Lockie surprised everyone by suggesting couples counselling and promising Danni he wouldn't let her down. Love was literally in the air for Arg and Lyds as they proclaimed the L-word on the beach like a right soppy old pair… N'aww!

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