Episode 3

Lewis decides to give that building bridges thing a go and Chloe and Elliott's relationship is on the rocks. Good thing there's no-one around Essex waiting to meddle, right?

After every man and his dog in Essex had a say on their relationship, Chloe and Elliott finally discussed their feelings, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Chloe's desperate to stop feeling so isolated from everyone but El after their rocky time in Ibiza, but our El doesn't really get it. Maybe Nanny Pat needs to have a word and set 'em all straight. With Chloe wanting a "break", is it finally over between the two?

Meanwhile Ferne seems to be loving that there's trouble in paradise with Elliott and Chloe, mainly because the Ferne/Chloe feud has been kicking off majorly recently, but also cause she loves a bit of drama! She couldn't keep the smile off her face at Jess' doggy birthday party, and not just because of how absolutely adorable it was.

Debbie set Lewis straight and insisted he needed to apologise to Lauren for the seriously harsh bombs he dropped during their last slanging match. So that should do it, right? Nahh! Popey had none of it and insisted that his apology wasn't sincere. "I think your apology is fake, and you're fake." Way not to mince your words, Lauren! Will his second apology, to George, prove any more successful?

Elsewhere, love is in the air for a few other Essex couples, and the guys have been trying to get to the girl's hearts through their stomachs. Tommy took a chance by taking Georgia for pie and mash on their first date. Luckily she showed her true Essex girl credentials and she loved it! It went so well, they even talked about kids (yikes!). And Tom used a sushi making class as an excuse to get close to George. Maybe these sweet dates will get him closer to his goal: breaking her three month nookie rule?

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