Collision Course (Part II)

Sarge, Jaco, and Pax capture the Zephyr and prepare to go after Izel. The team in the trailer try to stop Sarge's bomb, and Izel questions Fitz-Simmons' loyalty.



By Gadfly on Jul 13, 2019

The truck heads for the black tower, and the readouts at the Lighthouse show it getting close. Yo-yo informs Mack that there's six minutes until impact, and Piper reports that there are no local law units in range to stop it. The Zephyr is too big to get close to the truck without toppling it, and Yo-yo goes to prepare the Quinjet. Mack figures that Sarge wouldn't platy martyr and wonders what they're missing. Sarge hands out weapons and tells Jaco to take the bridge while Pax secure the engi…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 6 days ago

"I like you" "Yes, that is because I am likeable".

Such a funny line.

Zlogorek posted 6 days ago

So Davis is Izel now.

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