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She Was Killed by Space Junk

The former Silk Spectre, Laurie Blake, is asked by Senator Keene to investigate Judd's death. She soon learns that the circumstances surrounding Judd's hanging aren't what the FBI were told, and makes a call to Mars. Meanwhile, Adrian goes buffalo-hunting and receives a warning shot.

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By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2019

Laurie Blake calls Mars and tells Dr. Manhattan a joke about a bricklayer teaching his daughter how to lay bricks, and coming up one brick extra. His daughter throws it into the air, and Laurie says that she messed up the punchline. The next day, Laurie goes to a bank and robs it. Other shooters among the customers fire shots, and Mr. Shadow drops into the lobby and takes out the shooters. Laurie takes a hostage, and tells him that they're FBI and they tipped him over to trap him because vig…

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Episode Discussion

Gislef posted 10 days ago

The TVMaze review is here:

DenisMoulin posted 14 days ago

Now we're talking after a very slow start and much better 2nd épisode, we have a pretty killer episode with a massive Silk Spectre contribution...

Guys, you got me really scared with the pilot, don't do that again and keep it real like this episode !

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