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A God Walks into Abar

When Angela met Dr. Manhattan, and the two of them try to make their relationship work. On Europa, Adrian gets a birthday present.

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By Gadfly on Dec 9, 2019

The PastIn Saigon, Dr. Manhattan teleports onto a street and puts on a discarded Dr. Manhattan mask. He goes into Eddy's Bar and finds Angela sitting at a table. Dr. Manhattan picks up two beers from the bar and sits down with Angela, and asks her to have dinner with her the next night. Angela isn't interested and Dr. Manhattan asks if she'll let him sit with her if he guesses while she's drinking there alone. She agrees and Dr. Manhattan says that she's commemorating the anniversary of her pare…

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Episode Discussion

CodyCavanaugh posted 19 hours ago

@barg, No, the title is correct. Angela Abar. Cal Abar. A God walked into Abar.

barg posted 3 days ago

A bar, not abar

RobertQuilter posted 4 days ago

Yes.Blew my mind as the details were pieced together.

I can only imagine what happens next week.

Gislef posted 5 days ago

The TVMaze review is up:

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