The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus

Anissa asks Jeff to help her get Grace out of Freeland, while the ASA searches for metas door-to-door. Gambi convinces Lynn to help him gain access to The Pit, and Jennifer tries to find out where Jace is so she can help Brandon.



By Gadfly on Nov 26, 2019

Grace does a video log saying that the medicine isn't keeping her from shapeshifting anymore. Anissa enters the apartment and Grace 1quickly hides her camera. Grace tells her that she can't control her shifting, and Anissa says that her emotional state causes her to shift so she has to calm down. She has Shonda play their relaxation program and assures Grace that she's safe there. Grace relaxes and says that the ASA is going door to door. She notes that Odell has been there once and could return…

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