The Man Who Saved Central City

Six months after the Flash and his friends stop the Singularity, Central City holds a rally in the speedster's honor. However, Barry doesn't want to go given the sacrifice that was made by the true hero. Meanwhile, a new metahuman, Atom Smasher, sets out to kill the Flash.


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By Gadfly on Oct 7, 2015

Six Months Later The Flash faces Captain Cold and Heat wave, runs by them, sweeps up and down a building, and knocks Heat Wave out. As Captain Cold prepares to shoot him, Firestorm blasts the villain and Flash takes apart Cold's gun. Firestorm apologizes for arriving late and flies back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Flash joins him and the other congratulates them. Eddie and Harrison are both there, and Harrison says that there's nothing else he can teach Flash as he gets up out of his wheelchair. Bar…

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Episode Discussion

cobraa posted a year ago

great episode..

Bero2211 posted a year ago

great episode very glad that the show is doing great

gjuniorX posted a year ago

Enjoyed very much!!

cairns1986 posted a year ago

Really good episode, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this show, but it's excellent.

sixkiller2015 posted a year ago

great glad its back on.

RaviBaniya posted a year ago

First EP was good but i didn't understand some things like why did they didn't search where Ronnie went, just declared him dead? waiting for the next very eagerly.

LucasScianca posted a year ago

Great episode. On the same level as the last part of the first season

Gadfly posted a year ago

Heh. Like the Eli Stone injoke.

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