The Dog

While a riot rages outside, the barbershop occupants flee due to a mob-set fire in the adjacent store. The group reaches Travis' truck and escapes, but not before Griselda is injured by a collapsing scaffold. They drive her to a hospital, but it is blocked by police due to zombie activity. The group drives to Madison's house, where Nick, Madison, and Alicia temporarily flee when the zombified Mr. Dawson attempts to enter after hearing the barking dog Nick had let in. Nick leads Madison and Alicia to the Trans' house, where they take a shotgun but leave without the shells. Alicia returns to get them but must flee the zombified Susan. Travis' group reaches his and Madison's house. Daniel fatally shoots Dawson, who is attacking Travis. All three families decide to stay the night and evacuate in the morning. Nurse Liza tends to Griselda's injured foot but notes that she will die if not treated by a doctor. Ofelia tells Daniel they should flee with Travis, but Daniel insists his family can survive alone and will join his cousin later. The next morning, as the Clarks and Manawas start driving away, the National Guard arrives and quarantines the block. While Travis says, "It's going to get better," Daniel laments that it's, "too late," as he watches a guardsman mark the neighboring house.

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