Not Fade Away

Days after the National Guard quarantines the neighborhood into a Safe Zone (aka DZ), residents try to live normally. Tensions build under military rules. Madison is stressed by extra work caused by her home's overcrowding and Travis' new role as civilian liaison. Chris shows a video to Travis and Madison of a signaling light from the Dead Zone. Travis talks Doug into getting mental help. Liza medically helps neighbors. Nick steals morphine from Hector via IV drip. Ofelia kisses Adams, who was unable to get Griselda's medicine. Madison exchanges signals with the flashing light in the Dead Zone. She sneaks outside the fence to investigate and finds evidence that the guardsmen killed civilians, even the uninfected. Travis learns that Doug had been hospitalized over his mental issues. Dr. Exner determines that Liza is not a nurse. Daniel warns Madison of his El Salvador experience, when the sick were taken under the guise of receiving hospitalization but instead killed. Soldiers takes Griselda and Nick to a hospital, but Nick's family protests his departure. Liza agrees to go to assist the medical team, despite not wanting to leave her son. Travis retreats to the roof and sees the signal from the Dead Zone. Seconds later, he sees and hears gunfire, followed by darkness.

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Episode Discussion

gjuniorX posted a year ago

Yeah not enough Zombies for such a outbreak & in Los Angeles I would think we would be getting flooded with Zombies by now & no way in hell would I follow this group anywhere's LOL..

Hanii posted a year ago

Certainly feels like a slower pace compared to TWD, but it is nice seeing the chaos unfold, watching them unknowingly face what we already know.

petrd1 posted a year ago

I thought the soldiers were the zombies in this episode. In almost all these human vs zombie operas it is always the humans that become their own worse enemies.

spockers posted a year ago

Not a single zombie, and at the end an announcement that there's only 2 episodes left. I guess it makes sense that it won't be running while TWD is in season, but it's a bit of a let-down.

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