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Second Contact

Ensign Tendi has her first day of work on Starfleet's U.S.S. Cerritos, where she meets fellow support crew members, Ensigns Mariner, Boimler and Rutherford. Meanwhile, Boimler is tasked with a secret special assignment and Rutherford attempts to keep his dating life intact while a sci-fi disaster strikes the ship.

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Episode Discussion

ForsytheJones posted a month ago

I found the first episode of this show quite charming. The main characters are fun and intriguing. I'm not as familiar with the Star Trek canon as I want to be, but I love how they've portrayed Tendi and her species in this episode. Overall, the tone takes a bit of getting used to. Obviously this is a Star Trek show— you can tell by the the theme, the characters, the aesthetic, the references, etc.— but also because of the pacing and the type of humour it has this modern cartoon/Rick and Morty (without the nihilism) feel that takes some getting used to.  It's very strange but also very fun. And on top of that this episode has a zombie-like outbreak that adds a dash of horror to the mix (not enough to make you uncomfortable unless you really can't stand any horror). I'm not sure what to expect from future episodes but the series has lots of potential. 

Zlogorek posted a month ago

⠀— I got it from an old guy with an eye patch.⠀


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