Maiden Quest

A man trying to kill a mobster is himself killed by a Wesen, and Nick and Hank determine that an old ritual is at the heart of the murder. Meanwhile, a mayoral candidate asks Renard for his support, Rosalee receives a letter from an old friend, and Nick and Adalind continue to adjust to living together.

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By Gadfly on Nov 21, 2015

After three days and nights, whoever tries and does not succeed shall be put to death. At Nick’s fortress, Adalind is trying to get Kelly to settle down. Nick is busy making rice for his son and Adalind takes over while Nick holds the baby. She finally calls Rosalee, who is relaxing at home with Monroe. Rosalee takes the call and says that there’s nothing they can do if Kelly has colic. Kelly stops crying when he sees the lights on the phone, and the rice boils over, and Adalind thanks Rosale…

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