Checking In

Detective John Lowe investigates a strange murder-torture case, and gets a tip that leads him to the Hotel Cortez. Meanwhile, the staff and long-time residents discover that the owner has sold the hotel and they will soon be evicted.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Oct 8, 2015

A taxi pulls up in front of the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. Two young Swede tourists, Agnetha and Vendela, get out after making sure the Internet shows that the hotel is near all the major attractions. They enter the opulent lobby and find it empty. The two women go to the front desk and ring for service, and no one comes. They ring the bell and wait, and Iris finally emerges from the back. She asks for their reservations, and they decide that the hotel isn't right for them. Iris refuses to giv…

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Episode Discussion

cairns1986 posted a year ago

Canny beat a bit of Hotel California

marsters posted a year ago

It was crazy episode!

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