Chutes and Ladders

While Will holds a fashion show in the lobby, his son Lochlin shows Scarlett one of the hotel's many secrets. Meanwhile, John forces Iris to tell him the history of the hotel from the 1920s when it was built as an abbatoir by a homicidal oil man.

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By Gadfly on Oct 15, 2015

Sally is in her room and goes to the bed. She glances at where the mattress is stitched together, rips open the hole and looks at Gabriel inside. He gasps for breath and says that Sally lied and he's not free. Sally says that's right and it's his fault, thinking he could cheat death. She kisses the man and then shoves him back in the mattress and stitches it close. In the feeding room, Agnetha screams for help. Sally comes in and tells Iris to shut her up, and warns that John is there. Iris p…

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marsters posted a year ago

This season is crazy!

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