Lucifer has decided to take a vacation from Hell. When a former "client" turns up on his doorstep and is soon murdered, Lucifer vows to make the person responsible pay... and joins forces with a police detective to make it happen.


By Gadfly on Jan 24, 2016

In the beginning... the angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation. A man is speeding down the road when a police officer pulls him over. The “man” says that he understood why the policeman pulled him over, because he used to like to punish people, too. The man cheerfully offers the officer a bribe. When the officer refuses it, the man stares at him and the officer admits that he likes to turn on his siren and speed…

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Episode Discussion

shevanje030 posted a year ago

I love this type of shows...supernatural comedies :p #BingeWorthy

P.S. i wrote this after watching all 2 seasons, and started on 3rd #mybad

SahibDM posted 3 years ago

Don't threaten me, Amenadiel.

AdeBreda posted 3 years ago

First episode was disappointing, I can not stand the girl, next episodes are improving a bit.. let's see.

I agree with iMaks533, D. Rush V.2 he even drives the same car.

Froggaard posted 3 years ago

Really looking forward to this show..

But, I have to agree with iMaks533.. It looks like Tom Ellis still is Dr. Rush

Bero2211 posted 3 years ago

i liked the episode and hope that it will be a constantine like show we deserve

iMaks533 posted 3 years ago

Complete disappointment. It seems that the main character has not got out of the role of Dr. Rush.

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