Before the Flood

The Doctor travels back to 1980 with Bennett and O'Donnell to try and stop the Fisher King from sending the message that dooms the base in the future. Meanwhile, in the future, Clara, Lunn, and Cass fight to survive the ghosts and discover that their enemies have expanded their ranks.


By Gadfly on Oct 11, 2015

The Doctor talks about time travel and the Bootstrap paradox, and a man who goes back to meet Beethoven. No one has heard of Beethoven, and the composer doesn’t exist. The time traveler copied all of Beethoven’s music, copied it, and posed as Beethoven to release it. The question is, who originally created the music? The Doctor, O’Donnell, and Bennett arrive at the village in 1980. O’Donnell explains that she knows about the Doctor because she used to be in military intelligence. The village…

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Episode Discussion

marsters posted 3 years ago

Season 9 now better then season 8 was. clara not anoying like season 8 was.

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