The Girl Who Died

The Doctor and Clara are captured by 10th century Vikings, only to discover that alien warriors are abducting the village fighters and harvesting their adrenaline. A young woman challenges the aliens to war, and the remaining villages turn to the Doctor for help.


By Gadfly on Oct 18, 2015

As Clara drifts off into space, she calls to the Doctor. He's in the TARDIS dealing with an attack by an alien fleet, and assures Clara over the radio that she's next on the list. Something moves inside of Clara's spacesuit, and he warns that she was in the spider mines too long. The Doctor has her describes stars she can see to distract her, and to get a fix on her location. He materializes that TARDIS around Clara and removes her helmet just in time, and stomps on the spider as the Cloister Be…

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Episode Discussion

mad_man1983 posted 2 years ago

well it was not among the best episodes, but far from the worst, now i am just curious about the next episode, since Maisie's character got eternal life from what i understood,

Sandrosaurus posted 2 years ago

+ Arya from Got;
+ Connection to old episode 'FoP';
+ Broken Sonic Shades;

- Arya's acting was average at best;
- Sonic Shades still working;
- Lame story.

marsters posted 2 years ago

This episode not was epic or something i saying avarage.

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