The Woman Who Lived

The Doctor travels to England 1651 to find an alien artifact. What he finds instead is an old acquaintance, who he must help answer an age-old question: who wants to live forever?

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By Gadfly on Oct 25, 2015

A carriage drives on a road in 1651 England at night. A masked highwayman rides out in front of them, and the driver pulls to a halt. He warns Lord and Lady Lucie Fanshawe that he's heard of the Knightmare, and advises them to hand over their money. The lord refuses to hand over his money to a lone highwayman, and the Knightmare says that he isn't alone as something growls in the forest and lights shine on the carriage. Nearby, the Doctor emerges from the TARDIS and scans the area with a devi…

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Episode Discussion

Sandrosaurus posted 2 years ago

This second part was a lot better...Arya's acting was superb!

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