Rise of the Villains: Strike Force

The GCPD gets a new captain and he immediately cleans house and brings on Jim as his second-in-command... unaware of Jim's background with the Penguin. Meanwhile, Theo asks the Penguin for a favor, and Bruce and Theo have lunch.


By Gadfly on Oct 13, 2015

A number of Gotham's criminals meet at Oswald's place, and he finally fires a shotgun into the ceiling to get their attention. He confirms that none of them know who orchestrated the Arkham breakout, and figures that one of them does know. When one criminal says that they thought Oswald did it, Oswald points out that they never had it better until the breakout, and now business is down because of the wave of terror Jerome spread. He says that they need discipline and utility, and tells them that…

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Episode Discussion

MichaelDeBoey posted 3 years ago

Love the new Captain and the strike force
Hopefully they will clean up Gotham and the GCPD for good now :-)

gjuniorX posted 3 years ago

Yeah was worried that after Jerome was killed that the show may lose some of its action,until the Strikeforce team was brought in,now it looks as if it will continue to kick ass..

cairns1986 posted 3 years ago

"You need an assassin. This is Gotham, you can find them in the phone book. Under 'A'."

Awesome line from a fantastic character.

Bero2211 posted 3 years ago

great episode, i really like where the show is heading, agree about the strike force getting f***** up :)

TheHarryManback posted 3 years ago

That strike force is gonna get so f***** up in the following episodes...

wavens posted 3 years ago

What a great episode

jimj posted 3 years ago

My interest in this series sure peaked during this episode when the new Captain came in and fired several of the men and started a strike force. It looks like this is going to an action packed season.

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