R v Murray

Barrister Cleaver Greene's life continues to spiral out of control - the latest blow being the beating he's just received from Mick Corella's stand-over man Col for unpaid gambling debts. As usual, Cleaver retreats to the arms of his lover/friend/confidant Missy, a high class call girl who works at a brothel also frequented by Cleaver's friend, Attorney General, Joe Sandilands. While trying to secure a room in chambers and fend off an on-going unpaid tax case against him, Cleaver is presented by best friend and solicitor Barney with a case he can't resist - the defence of Professor Graham Murray, a world renowned economist accused of cannibalism. Meanwhile, Barney's wife Scarlet - who herself has had dalliances with Cleaver - confronts him with the news that she has fallen out of love with her husband. On his next visit to the brothel, Cleaver is devastated to discover that Missy has quit her job and left no contact details, so he turns to his psychologist ex-wife Wendy for solace. Wendy commiserates, but reminds Cleaver of their son Fuzz's unpaid school fees. Fuzz, meanwhile, draws his indulgent father into a conspiracy to cover up his activities with his new girlfriend. After an accidental meeting in the city, Missy sternly rejects Cleaver, tells him that their relationship was strictly professional and she's now studying law. He is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Cleaver and Barney discover that cannibalism is not considered a crime in New South Wales, so Attorney General Sandilands has engineered a charge of murder against Professor Murray. Cleaver sees his chance - Murray might be a cannibal, but he's not a murderer! As the prosecution paints a picture of clever predator, Cleaver uses the professor's wife to elicit sympathy from the jury and to highlight her husband's insanity. Cleaver is surprised and overjoyed when Missy makes an unexpected visit to his flat and admits that she does owe him an explanation...and, she tells him her real name...Melissa.

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