R v Marx

Cleaver's gambling debts are mounting, but on the upside, and much to the chagrin of tax lawyer David Potter who's been in constant pursuit, Cleaver has managed to get the case against him adjourned once again. But trouble is brewing with Barney and Scarlet's marriage and Cleaver is the meat in the sandwich. After their recent heart to heart, Scarlet turns up at Cleaver's fl at and hints at an affair, hiding when Barney arrives a few minutes later. Meanwhile, Cleaver and Barney take on a case of jury tampering, where Lucy Marx, an attractive 40-year-old - a detail that doesn't go unnoticed by Cleaver - has made headlines by seducing a juror for information after her daughter is found guilty of murder. But Cleaver is left reeling when Missy turns up at a restaurant on the arm of his nemesis David Potter, who later makes headlines himself when he tackles a gunman, gets shot, and becomes a 'hero'. Meanwhile, Cleaver reluctantly agrees to let his son Fuzz use his flat for assignations with his girlfriend, while Fuzz's mum is kept in the dark. Barney, convinced that Lucy Marx is right about her daughter's innocence, sets off to unearth the real murderer, but doesn't quite get the result he was looking for. With a tip-off from his prosecutor wife Scarlet, Barney warns Cleaver that Lucy Marx is using him. As Cleaver tries to manipulate the court case, his relationship with Lucy Marx is revealed, and makes him, yet again, the target of investigation by the Bar Association. As he drowns his sorrows in a local bar, Cleaver looks up to see Scarlet standing outside in the rain looking at him longingly. Can life get any more complicated for Cleaver Greene?

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