Brother's Keeper

On the trail, Paladin runs afoul of a puma and afterward, two men come along and take his belongings while he's all but dead. Paladin manages to follow them into the nearby town, but discovers that the townspeople are protecting the robbers.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Feb 5, 2017

At the Carlton, Paladin is in the lobby playing chess against himself, recreating the strategies of Hannibal and Napoleon. Hey Girl brings him a telegram with a job in Santa Fe, and Paladin goes to prepare for his trip. Later on the trail, Paladin ends up in a fight with a puma. He wakes up briefly and sees two men taking his gun. They figure he'll die whether they take him into nearby Prairie Orchard or not, and the man with the Mexican spurs complains that his companion let the Indians take…

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