The Entire History of You

A jealous husband, Liam Foxwell, suspects that his wife was involved with another man. Thanks to an implant that lets anyone play memories back as long and as often as they want, he sets out to confirm his suspicions.


By Gadfly on Dec 13, 2015

Liam Foxwell meets with his HR department for an appraisal, who inform him that they want his office to deal more in litigation over retrospective parenting. Su3rprised, Liam confirms that the firm is okay with that, ethically and morally. They ask him if he’s okay with it, and Liam says that he is. Once he answers, the representatives want him to a big redo the next week, and wants to make sure there are no deletions in the last quarter. Liam assures them that there isn’t, and they say that the…

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Episode Discussion

bernardo90 posted 2 years ago

hm.. a really futuristic way of human thinking. but the problem is, it is also the most realistic scenario with this kind of technology

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