The Waldo Moment

An animated blue bear, Waldo, proves surprisingly successful as a third-party candidate. But Jamie Salter, the voice of Waldo, begins to have second thoughts when he learns what the governments of the world intend to use Waldo for.


By Gadfly on Dec 19, 2015

Gwendolyn Harris is called in to a committee meeting. They ask why she wants to be a MP, and Gwendolyn says that she’d rather do something about the country’s problems rather than sit back and moan about it. On a sound stage, Conor Simpson is rehearsing his monologue for his show. The producers receive word that Tory MP Jason Gladwell is resigning over a Twitter porn pic scandal. His resignation is triggering a by- election in Stentonford and Hersham. They wonder where the voice actor, Jamie…

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Episode Discussion

Wynn posted a year ago

Simply can't wait for the next season in just 14 days. The Waldo Moment in particular was really one of the greats.

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