Swan Song

The Dark Ones bind themselves to the living so that they can remain in the real world... and the townspeople will be taken to the Underworld in their place. Emma tries desperately to find a way to stop the Dark Ones' plan, but the others accept the inevitably and spend their last moments together. In the past, Regina tests Hook by leading him to his father and offering him transportation to the real world once Hook proves that he has no weaknesses for Cora to exploit.


By Gadfly on Dec 7, 2015

The Past Aboard a ship, a young Killian lies in his cabin as a storm rages outside. He calls to his father Brennan, who comes in and assures Killian that he's there. Brennan lights the lamp and assures Killian that there's nothing to be afraid of, and tells him to look inside himself for bravery if he's scared. He tells Killian that he has to decide what kind of man he's going to be, and Killian says that he's going to be just like him. Smiling, Brennan tells him to go to sleep because he'll…

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