Red Faced

While Kara deals with personal pressures as both office assistant and superhero, General Sam Lane arrives in National City to field-test his new anti-insurgent android, Red Tornado... and to tell James that he's not good enough for his daughter Lucy. Meanwhile, Alex and Kara ask Winn to hack the DEO mainframe to find out how Jeremiah died, and Cat deals with her domineering mother.


By Gadfly on Dec 1, 2015

Supergirl is flying when Alex calls to tell her that DEO radar picked her up over the city. The heroine explains that she's just flying to relax, and her super-hearing picks up a car accident. She soars down to where a driver is slamming into another driver on the road. They head toward a school crossing, and Supergirl stops them before they can hit the children. One of the drivers gets out and complains that Supergirl totaled his car and gave him a bloody nose, and punches her. Supergirl catche…

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Episode Discussion

Harnas posted 3 years ago


The final confrontation with red tornado.

I don't wanna be near supergirl,when she is angry.

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