Anything You Can Do

Susan tells the other housewives about the name "Dana". Juanita discovers that Gabrielle is seeing John and becomes more determined to catch them together. Paul suspects through that Edie might have sent the blackmail note to his wife. Lynette steadily becomes more dependent on the twin's medication. Rex reveals to Bree that he has filed for a divorce and tries to win over the children with gifts. Mike has an unexpected house guest named Kendra, causing him to cancel his date with Susan. Unknown to her, Kendra was sent by her father who has hired Mike to find her missing sister. Gabrielle offers Danielle a modeling job in New York City as an effort to get her away from John. Lynette sabotages Tom's promotion while under the influence of the medication. An intoxicated Andrew Van de Kamp runs over Juanita, moments after she photographed John and Gabrielle having sex.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

Lynette continues to use the twins' ADD medication to prepare a dinner party for Tom's colleagues. After Andrew gets in trouble at school, Bree and Rex add to the mix by announcing that they will divorce. Susan and Mike's first date is interrupted by Mike's friend Kendra who asks him how he is doing with his mission. Susan becomes very suspicious and is surprised when the relationship turns out to be platonic. Gabrielle tries to break up Danielle and John when she becomes very selfish. Gabrielle…

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