Fear No More

Gabrielle plans a "farewell party" for Carlos, who is about to serve his eight-month jail sentence, but she later retaliates in rage after discovering that she is pregnant after he tampered with her birth control pills. George Williams returns and tries to steal Bree away from Rex. Bree is unaware that George has an ulterior motive. Lynette is jealous when an ex-girlfriend of Tom's is now working in his company and asks Edie for advice. Zach starts stalking Julie in order to resolve their relationship. Edie blames Susan when Paul questions her about breaking into his house, causing him to lie to Susan and fabricate a false history about Mary Alice, which she does not believe. When Susan's kitchen catches fire, she blames Paul as the arsonist. After finding out about the toy chest and who it belonged to, Mike decides to investigate Paul and tells the already suspicious Susan to stay away from him.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

Gabrielle throws a farewell party for Carlos who is off to prison for eight months. At the party, she finds out she is pregnant and that her birth control pills have been tampered with. Furious, she accuses Carlos in front of all the party guests. Bree and Rex unexpectedly run into George at the park and Rex advises George to beat it. Bree tries to make amends by visiting George in the pharmacy. He lies and tells her that he has found a girlfriend, Ginger who stacks the shelves. Bree feels happy…

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