God, That's Good

Susan calls off her wedding and realizes she must choose between Ian and Mike; Gaby decides it's time to stand by her man; and a blackout shuts down the pizza ovens at Scavo's, giving Rick an opportunity to shine. It also thaws out freezers on Wisteria Lane and lands Mrs. McCluskey in hot water.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 27, 2017

The power goes out on Wisteria Lane, causing a problem for a certain neighbor, Mrs. McCluskey, who’s hiding her husband’s corpse in the freezer. When she takes a fall down the basement stairs she fractures a rib and is taken away by paramedics. At first, she refuses because she’s worried about Gilbert her husband, thawing, but as she’s wheeled into the ambulance, the power comes back on, reassuring her it will be alright. As soon as she’s taken away, the fuse to the freezer blows up, leaving Gil…

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