Chosen Pt. 2

Having seen an apocalyptic vision of the world's destruction, Amberle leaves the palace in search of answers. But when Wil and Allanon realize that she is the key to saving the Four Lands, they set out to find the princess before the Dagda Mor's Demons hunt her down.

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Episode Discussion

Wynn posted 2 years ago

Seriously? This is a cheesy teenage drama of a fantasy. Definitely can't recommend it, unless you have absolutely nothing else to watch. But that's just me of course..

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

It is so good, I really cannot believe it after reading the books, the pace is perfect, good casting, especially Manu Bennett. The special effects are top notch for a tv show too.

FF2016 posted 2 years ago

I personally can not wait for the next episode to air, and thought they did an awesome job setting things up for future episodes. Especially for those of us like me who never read any of the books previously, so I now feel as if I really know the characters with this type of detailed build up. Looking forward to next weeks show.

johncymru posted 2 years ago

I don't mind and often actually enjoy a show that takes a bit of time at the beginning to build up the scene and to give you a feel for the main characters, but this was glacial in its pace. Especially considering all the little intros to the series there have been before it finally aired. Any slower and I would have dropped off to sleep. The whole thing was barely a half hour episode, possibly three quarter of an hour at a pinch, but an hour and twenty minutes was far far too much of a stretch. If they speed up in future episodes it could turn into a half decent series, especially as there is a wealth of good material in the books, which I enjoyed. But if they keep up this glacial pace for future episodes life is just too short to waste time on it.

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