Moby Greg

Lazy cops in a neighboring precinct think they have stuck the 15th's detectives with an impossible case, but some details lead to a suspect, who fires some shots at Andy. Andy is unhurt but freezes, and worries about his approach on the job; later, Andy confronts the suspect and proves the guy is a killer and a coward. Andy was preoccupied over Theo's health and his own weight gain. The former issue is resolved when the doctors say Theo is a healthy baby and the latter when Andy and an also-portly Greg decide to have a weight-loss competition. Greg also befiends an attractive officer named Abby while trying to work out on some confiscated stair climbers. New PAAs arrive for the squad, with one being very young and attractive and other being overweight. Bobby is surprised when an inheritance lands him an apartment building, and the creep who was counting on receiving it comes to the 15th and snarls at him. Det. Simone's news gets worse after that: he asks Diane to marry him and she says she is not ready for that.

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