The team convinces Rip not to kill Per Degaton, a boy who as an adult will help Vandal conquer the planet. However, Rip has other ideas and soon abducts the boy. Meanwhile, Kendra remembers more of her past with Carter, Ray meets an ancestor, and Sara tells Len to talk with the imprisoned Mick.


By Gadfly on Apr 8, 2016

Rip checks on Mick in his cell, and Mick insists that he doesn't take orders from Rip. The Time Hunter says that he came to ask for Mick's help, and then apologizes for failing him. He admits that brought Mick along under false pretenses. When Mick's true nature revealed itself, Rip asked Len to deal with him. He says that Mick's quarrel should be with him, and Mick assures him that he wants to kill both of them. Gideon interrupts to announce that they've arrived in 2147, and Rip has the AI set…

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