The Day in Question

Past and present collide as Jake tries to stop JFK's assassination... and must pay a terrible price if he succeeds.


By Gadfly on Apr 5, 2016

11.22.63: The day of the assassination Jake drives the stolen car through the Dallas traffic, and Sadie warns him that all of Dallas will be closed for JFK's visit. He swerves through traffic and arrives at a road, only to discover that it's closed when it's supposed to be clear. They can't turn around, so Jake and Sadie start walking. As they go, Jake explains that Bobbie Ray will see Lee on the 6th floor, and fires three times at JFK at 12:30. The first shot misses: the other two shots don'…

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Episode Discussion

FordHanson posted 2 years ago

I enjoyed this show very much. Usually TV ruins Stephen King books. I did not read this one, but next to the original IT, this was by far the best adaptation for TV I have seen. I read the producers interview on why he did some things differently than the book, ( like not having multiple redo's in the time travel scenerio) and he made the right choices for sure. Excellent mini series. High quality too. I was impressed.

frogsy posted 2 years ago

Al is dead on this side of the rabbit-hole and a child on the other, he can't be spoken to.

Which makes you wonder what would happen if Jake went through the rabbit-hole and simply laid low for a few decades until Al builds the diner and steps through it himself. Would it be nested, recursive? Within Al's rabbit-hole, would the past try to correct itself to the normal timeline for him, even though that's not the normal timeline for Jake? Or would it only be additive?

pentar posted 2 years ago

I'm rather surprised he didn't come back and talk with Al.

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