A captive Hank tells the U.S government how he came to lead the DEO, but receives a less than sympathetic ear. Meanwhile, Kara reveals her identity to someone close to the investigation, and Siobhan plans revenge Kara for getting her fired from CatCo.


By Gadfly on Mar 22, 2016

Kara sits at home and listens to newscasts about how the people have turned against her since she went on her Red Kryptonite rampage. Now people wonder if she can turn against them again. Later, Cat watches the newscast and complains to her staff about how people aren't forgiving Supergirl. She tells Kara to get her some juice, and Winn points out that she called in sick. Cat wonders who will man the phone, and Winn figures that he will. Siobhan texts him to meet at Noonan's, and Winn quickly…

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