The One That Got Away

While Camille deals with her visiting brother Theo, the team takes on the case of a dead retired police captain: Quincy's old partner, who was working on an unsolved multiple murder case.

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By Gadfly on Apr 6, 2016

Quincy goes to a police bar, Dano's, and the bartender Kate greets him by name. She's heard that Quincy was shot, and Quincy refuses to discuss the details. He says that he's there to meet Helen Mulaney, and Kate says that Mulaney hasn't mellowed since her retirement. Quincy calls Mulaney's number but gets no answer. The phone is next to Mulaney's corpse. Kirsten is asleep when Camille comes in. Someone is breaking in, and the two women go after him. Camille kicks the intruder in the groin, a…

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