The Two Deaths of Jamie B.

The team investigate the death of an amnesiac man who has two sets of death memories, and discover that in his first life he was a research scientist working on nanobots. Meanwhile, Camille tracks down Theo to convince him to give Linus' stolen belongings back, and Cameron makes a new friend.


By Gadfly on Apr 13, 2016

Kirsten receives Ed's ashes, and Camille suggests that they go out and blow off some steam. However, Kirsten would rather find her father Daniel. A homeless man is checking dumpsters and finds a corpse in one of them. Linus turns up at Cameron's apartment and explains that he needs a place to crash since Theo stole everything from his smart apartment. Cameron admits that he had a bad experience with a roommate in college, but Linus points out that their friends, Maggie calls to tell them t…

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pentar posted 2 years ago

So what happened to the deadly carbon eating nanobots? Did they destroy the technology, or does the NSA now have it?

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