Flash Back

When Barry reaches a dead end in going faster, he decides to travel into the past and trick Eobard Thawne--posing as Harrison Wells--into showing him how to go faster. However, something, in the timestream follows Barry back... and it's not friendly.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Mar 30, 2016

Barry speed-reads and blames himself for trusting Jay like he's trusted his Harrison to teach him how to run faster. He tries to figure out how to improve his speed so that he can stop Zoom. As Cisco comes in, he has a vibe from Jay's helmet of Zoom threatening to kill someone. He has all books related to increasing speed, and Caitlin comes in and says that all three speedsters--Flash, Reverse Flash, and Zoom—all move their legs at the same. However, they spend less time touching the ground when…

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