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Versus Zoom

With Harry's help, Barry becomes fast enough to stop Zoom. Using Vibe's powers, the team contacts Zoom on the other Earth and use his past to trap him. But Zoom manages to escape their trap and takes one of them hostage to force Barry to give up his speed.

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By Gadfly on Apr 20, 2016

15 Years Ago After seeing his mother murdered, Barry goes to live with Joe and Iris. Earth Two, Many Years ago A boy, Hunter Zoloman, wakes up when he hears his parents arguing. His father, James, insists that Ashley is her husband. She says that the man he's become isn't her husband, and tells Hunter to run. James, wearing his Flash costume, pulls Hunter over and puts his helmet on him. He tells Hunter that he's going to want to see what happens next, and Ashley begs James to stop as J…

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Episode Discussion

prizerex posted 3 years ago

This episode was very interesting but also tragic has Barry Allen gave is speed to Zoom

teros posted 3 years ago

The whole thing of Zoom abducting people and then forces everyone abide with his demands is getting really boring. First was Wells daughter that kept things interesting for a while. But it is over exploited with Wally and now Caytlin. Repetitive plot never is a good thing. Writers must move on. Fast.

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