Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

To help Peyton get the goods on Boss, Liv eats the brain of a dead stripper who knew where a major stash house was. Meanwhile, Ravi breaks into Major's safe, and Blaine loses his memories after taking the zombie cure.


By Gadfly on Mar 30, 2016

The next morning, Don E enters Blaine's office and finds him unconscious. He shakes his boss awake, and Blaine calls him Scott instead of Don E. Liv is at home taking a shower when a newly zombified Gilda lets herself into the apartment and searches the refrigerator for brains to eat. As she finds some in the freezer, Janko grabs her from behind, injects her with a sedative, and carries her off. As he leaves, Gilda's scarf falls off of her head. Liv comes out a minute later and sees the scarf…

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