Pit Stop

Hank and Divya must figure out the cause of a mysterious illness breaking out on the set of a reality TV show; Evan takes advantage of Paige's generosity; Emily is invited to join HankMed, but she adds a twist; Hank begins treating Marisa while she hides the truth from Boris.

Guest Cast


By pentar on Jun 23, 2016

Hank and Evan are having a video conference with Divya, who is in London preparing for her wedding. She officially gives them her three week notice. Hank gets a call from Jill whose car was towed. They are filming a reality show at the complex where she lives and Hank offers her accommodations at his place. Before they leave, there is an accident on the water and Hank and Jill team up to rescue the injured woman. The producer gets the rescue on film, but Hank refuses to sign the release form.…

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