What You Need

A peddler uses his uncanny ability to tell what a person needs to supply them with the proper item at the proper moment. However, a thug gets wind of his ability and forces the peddler to use it for him or die.

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By Gadfly on Oct 18, 2015

A petty thug, Fred Renard, is sitting in a bar nursing his drink. When the bartender complains, Renard tells him to back off. Meanwhile, a street peddler, Pedott, comes into the bar. He approaches a young woman and offers her some matches. Pedott stares at her and then tells her that what she needs is a small bottle of cleaning fluid, guaranteed to remove spots of any kind. Intrigued, the woman takes it from him. Pedott goes up to the bar and another drinker, Lefty, asks what he has. The bart…

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