Identity Crisis

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Episode Discussion

PatrickAbe posted a year ago

Two young brothers live with their schizophrenic mother, who dies in the bathtub by electrocution. They are questioned about the turn of events, and the younger brother Anthony tells police that he saw his brother Tommy push the electric heater into the tub. The two are subsequently separated and put into foster care. Twenty years later, Anthony reappears in Tommy's life, and Tommy responds by shooting him. Goren and Eames are brought in to investigate the murder, and Rodgers tells them that the victim, Anthony, was dying from lymphoma. Meanwhile, over the years Tommy (Sam Trammell) has been living a mysterious life, pretending that he is a graduate of Princeton University and taking on false identities. He rents a house on Nantucket under the name Tyler Chisholm, and the owner's daughter takes a liking to him. The owner is suspicious and runs a background credit check on "Tyler." The credit check is reported to the detectives, as Tyler Chisholm was one of the names noted when interviewing people at the Princeton Eating Club. They travel to Nantucket, where they find Tommy and take him into custody. Back in New York, Eames questions the owner's daughter and asks if there was anything strange or out of the ordinary that she could recall. She tells Eames that she remembers Tommy throwing something into the water and staring at it. Goren then questions Tommy and reveals that Anthony did not return to bring back old memories and haunt Tommy, but to make amends because of his imminent death.

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