Captain Danny Ross

Captain Danny Ross has filled some big shoes and he knows it. Since taking over the Major Case Squad from the popular Captain James Deakins, Captain Ross has made it clear that he will be running the department on his own terms.

Captain Ross is still adjusting to the cerebral mind of Detective Robert Goren (whose behavior history he's always wary of) and the tough guy modus operandi of Detective Mike Logan, often butting heads with both of them. But he did manage to bring over a protégé and ally with him, Detective Megan Wheeler, to make sure he had instant support in the squad.

Ross was a wild kid who settled down over time, becoming a responsible cop and doting (though now divorced) father to two sons. His insightful work on NYPD's Joint Task Force on International Money Laundering is what earned him a promotion to the captaincy of Major Case. It was a bit of a surprise promotion, but Ross quickly showed the squad that he doesn't back down from provocations and, like Deakins, stands behind his people.

Ross is one of the few Jewish cops in NYPD and a history buff. He relishes undercover assignments, as breaks from desk work. This season, with Wheeler on assignment elsewhere, Ross' own temperament will be tested by the confrontational Detective Falacci.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Main cast, played by Eric Bogosian