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Defying Mitchell's orders, Kirsten continues her investigation to find her father. She discovers that her mother Jacqueline is apparently still alive, but the Stitch into her caretaker's mind leaves Kirsten in a precarious position.


By Gadfly on May 25, 2016

Cameron comes by to see Kirsten at her house, and he says that he and Camille are both worried about her. He asks Kirsten if she's okay after Liam being murdered, and she insists that she's fine. She wonders what Daniel was mixed up in, and says that she doesn't want to bring Ivy into it after what happened to Liam. Cameron suggests that Kirsten should see Ivy again, but Kirsten refuses and Cameron warns that she's turning obsessed. At the lab, the team is prepping a new body: Liam. Camille w…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Another fine season finale, hope the show will be renewed for season 3.

JessicaLynnValure posted 2 years ago

I hope Cameron and Kristen get together in this episode I've been waiting all season and I hate the fact that he's dating Nina I don't like her

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