What About Blob

Sam is beginning to worry when wherever he steps, he slips--another unnecessarily inconvenient clue to the identity of his next target, the gentleman being an environmentally bankrupt father of the son who is currently attempting to break into the political realm while defending against accusations of his family's heavy pollution. So, Sam is not only strolling around with tape wrapped about his shoes, carrying the ridiculously ugly wool sweater vessel, and facing smelly sewer patrols for something slimy, but his luck with Andi is out. After the delivery of his contract, and hours of document signing, kept Sam away from their date at the karaoke bar, Andi is dating the gorgeous college success, Greg. The Devil attempts to aid Sam in his dilemma, revealing Greg is dating twins simultaneously, but Sam determines to reveal the truth about his bounty hunting career. The episode ends with the messy capture of the rogue father, while Sam's own father is burning pages of the contract he agreed to translate; and, as for Andi...Andi is upset (probably because of the nasty rumor about Greg dating twins, apparently his sisters, released by Sam himself during a hasty moment). Ah, well.

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