The successful apprehension of Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of 25th U.S. President William McKinley, is the satisfying beginning to Sam's day, but it quickly devolves into something less pleasant when the demonic DMV employee, Gladys, is not available to receive the soul (Hell is celebrating Halloween with massive partying). Now, the irritating soul of Leon is speaking through his snow globe vessel, administering therapeutic advice and funny anecdotes to Sam's friend Sock, while Sam himself is ignoring Leon, and Andi is ignoring Sam. The reformed assassin is eventually useful when Sam is given the task of defeating the monstrous soul of The Butcher of Ballard with the meat thermometer vessel, that is, until Leon decides to sentence both Sam and Sock to death rather than return to Hell. The boys pull together, though, capturing The Butcher as well as the rogue soul of Leon at his therapy appointment--several years more in Hell ought to really help his reformation. The day ends with the reconciliation between Andi and Sam, although Sam resigns himself to "friendship" status with his dream girl.

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