The Cop

Another rogue soul is murdering the persons responsible for his death (not to say it was unwarranted, multiple homicide, court was performing its duty). Now, his escape is accompanied with an unusual show of kindness from The Devil--lobster dinner and an expensive watch for "Employee of the Month", Sam. Sam is suspicious, and rightly so, his watch is in fact the former belonging of his target's first victim, encouraging the attention of the heroic detective who originally caught Sam's target while the fellow was living. Meanwhile, Sock develops an obsession with Gladys, sneaking into her house, only for his obsession to quickly terminate with an erotic dream about her. Sam, then, is debating whether or not to reveal his expensive gift for Andi to her at her birthday while debating with her boyfriend, Greg, about how to celebrate the upcoming event. His internal struggle is distracted, though, by the external struggle between himself, the detective, and the rogue soul. His task finished, Sam finally receives an actual gift from The Devil, a "Get Out of Hell Free" card. The episode ends with Andi breaking it off with Greg, because of his inconsiderate nature, but still refusing Sam's gift, unwilling to accept the implications.

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