Love, Bullets and Blacktop

Sam is facing the daredevil couple from Hell, former actors whose passion for dangerous stunts is causing fatal accidents across the state. His hint: the song "Radar Love", something playing whenever Sam is driving; but his friends are less interested in love than lust. An evening out, Sam encounters the lovely bridesmaid Taylor while entertaining the bride at the bachelorette party, exchanging numbers with her, but the following morning Sam is uncertain whether to pursue anything with her despite Taylor's obvious enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the boys manage to capture the soul of Kit, partners with Holly, when luring the couple to the staged sale of an ideal stunt vehicle. Holly escapes, but returns to free her captive lover, cornering the boys at the old meeting place of the damned lovers. However, with a little musical diversion from Ben and Sock, Sam captures his second soul of the day with an 8-Track. Afterword, with earlier encouragement from Andi, Sam and Taylor rendezvous at their original meeting place.

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