One Wedding and a Funeral

The guys kidnap Dylan for his bachelor party that is a deliberately dull affair, while the girls throw a much wilder time for bride-to-be Toni. The two assassins hired by Anthony Marchette plan to kill Dylan but have to adjust their plans when there are other people around. Ray tries to reconcile with Donna and only succeeds in making her loathe him even more. Bruno walks Toni down the aisle at her and Dylan's beautiful ceremony and they're toasted by all their friends. The newlyweds spend the next day or so together in bed, but the cat Toni rescued last week goes missing as a torrential rain begins and she takes Dylan's car to drive out and find her. Bruno learns of his boss' plot and warns Brandon, who drives to Dylan's house and reveals the danger, so they head out to find Toni. Unfortunately, the hitmen think Dylan is driving the car and fire several gunshots into it, leading to Dylan finding Toni's dead body and screaming in pain and horror. The group cannot believe what has happened, as Dylan refuses to talk to the police and denies a broken Mr. Marchette's request that Dylan kill him by saying "My father is gone. Your daughter is gone. Were even now. The killing is done." Dylan packs up some of his stuff, turns over his house key to Brandon to close up the residence, and drives away from L.A. forever.

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