In the first week of the swap, Kathy observes a Tonkovic hip hop hoedown, is offended by Paul's explicit rap lyrics, and is appalled by the kids' complete financial dependence and John's non-parenting. Meanwhile, at the Stockdales', Laurie talks to the boys about their social isolation and to Bruce about his stranglehold on their lives. In the second week, when the wives change the rules, Laurie introduces video games, TV and junk food, the band has to perform a rap song for real rappers and Calvin and Charles go on a date. Meanwhile, Kathy asks the Tonkovics to work on a farm to earn spending money, and brings in a priest in hopes of marrying Paul and Meghan to their partners. At the end of the swap, when the couples are reunited, will Kathy chill and let Calvin and Charles go on a second date? Will Laurie adopt a more wholesome way of life and learn to be stricter over her kids?.

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